Thursday, November 24, 2016

An interesting story about the Chinese Telephone Exchange

Click on the link below for an interesting story about the history of the Chinese in San Francisco.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've always felt that Thanksgiving is the best holiday because it is a holiday for ALL people regardless of their religion, their citizenship status, their color, nationality, sexual orientation, etc., etc.  It is a day that we can all use to say:


for all the good things in our lives: love, health, shelter, food.

And I'd like to say:

to all my wonderful students.

Image result for thanksgiving clipart 


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If you want to see a few fun videos showing different kind of accents, click on the links below.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Post Election Shock

Many people in the US -- more than half of those that voted -- are in shock that Hillary Clinton has lost, especially since she won the popular vote (she is still ahead as of today).  Here were some of the idioms that came to mind as I reeled from the shock  (felt extremely surprised and upset).

my jaw dropped
I was struck dumb
I was stopped dead in my tracks
you could knock me down with a feather
it's a bombshell

If you are interested in practicing some non-election vocabulary from the last week, click here.