Thursday, January 14, 2016

Some important information from our school.

City College of San Francisco Health and Safety Information for Students – SPRING 2016 

Questions to consider as you begin the semester - 

Not sure where to go or who to ask? A variety of campus support resources are ready to help! 

Ever had stress?  Get a jump on Managing Stress by seeking tips at Health Services and by making an appointment with a Personal Counselor. Call 415.239.3110 and check out the web @ 

Do you struggle with Sleep Difficulties? Anxiety? Depression? Finances? Work? Come to Student Health Services and speak confidentially with a mental health counselor.  

Concerned or worried about a fellow student? Tell someone. Confidential consultation is available in Student Health Services (415.239.3110) and in Student Affairs and Wellness (415.239.3211). Step UP! Learn how to help. Create a free account and take valuable online training available at: (Ask instructors if they offer extra credit!) and check out 

Would you like to receive important alerts? Be on the lookout for a new mass notification system as well as a new safety app. 911 Shield -coming very soon! This will serve to inform all college stakeholders of emergencies.  

Know what to do about accidents on Campus? If you experience or see a medical emergency while on campus, dial 9-1-1. Tell any college employee if you see something hazardous or of concern to you. We are committed to keeping our campus safe.   

Know about our Smoke Free Campus and want help to quit? Smoking is prohibited on campus with the exception of designated areas.  We thank you for honoring the college policy and supporting a healthy campus! 
FREE Confidential Smoking Cessation Support is available in Student Health Services. 

Have a health condition that might impact your academic performance or progress? If you have, or think you might have, a health-related condition that may affect your ability to attend class or concentrate on your coursework, please come to Health Services, HC100, to confidentially discuss a prevention plan. 
Want more health tips? Check out  

 QUESTIONS?  Contact Student Health Services @ 415.239.3110 

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