Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Here's what our class has been thinking about

Thought Cards – 1
I will never forget my feeling when I came to S.F. in February 1995.  A day before we had to leave our country, our city, our friends.  It was evening, very cold and snowing, all seemed dark, like my mood.  My friends and I hardly kept back the tears.  I was upset.  A day later, our plane landed in S.F.  It was again evening, but very bright, fresh air, people smiling.  All things were different!  I was surprised and happy.
I am very sad and angry.  Two weeks ago, I drove my husband to work in the early morning.  After I dropped him off I turned left from 2nd Street to Mission Street.  A policeman told me to stop and gave me a ticket.  He said that I mustn’t turn left.  You know why?  It is because that street changed the rules that day.
I have never forgotten an incident that made me feel extremely embarrassed.  I invited my old friends to dine in a famous restaurant and ordered a lot of delicious food.  We spent a harmonious and delightful time together chatting, making a lot of jokes about what occurred in the past.  We drank ate and talked until midnight.  I asked the waitress to give me the bill.  When I went to pay, I found my wallet was gone.  It might have been stolen or lost.  I felt very embarrassed and scared.  I called my wife and asked her to bring some money to the restaurant to pay the bill.  The bill was $500.
I came to S.F. last November.  I found that communication in English is a big problem for me.  I can read well, however, my pronunciation is bad.  So when I talk to somebody, they cannot understand me well.  Thus, I want to know how I can improve my pronunciation.
I came to S.F. 18 years ago.  I was so excited and happy when I came.  But now I think I was wrong because everything is difficult for me.  I can’t imagine a good thing in my future.
I never ate turkey in my country.  I knew that it was eaten on Thanksgiving in the USA.  I imagined what it tasted like.  Then I came here and I had a chance to eat it, but I didn’t like it!  But I cook it every year and it’s my favorite food now.
Yesterday I ran into my old friend in Golden Gate Park.  We hadn’t seen each other for four years.  Last year I heard her son had a great job with a good salary.  I congratulated her, but she said her son just lost his job and is depressed.  Oh!  I put my foot into my mouth.
For me the Yin Yan symbols mean that nobody is completely good/right and nobody is completely bad/wrong.  People can be good most of the time but they may do something wrong/bad to someone sometimes; on the other hand, people who society considers as a bad guy, may do something good to someone sometimes.  So we shouldn’t judge each other.

I always intended to go on vacation with my whole family.  Finally, I did and it was an amazing trip.  We went to many beautiful places in a week.  One of my favorite places is Yellowstone National Park.  It is a fantastic park.  It’s huge and there are a lot of animals, waterfalls, and we saw the amazing “Old Faithful.”

Here's a link to "Old Faithful" in action

 That geyser is in Wyoming.  Although it is not as big or powerful,  here's one closer to San Francisco

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